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It was in 2021 that we deployed our own Digital Signage plateform « ClicAndPublish ». With 10 years of experience in the use of third-party software, we noticed that none of the solutions we offered were 100% suitable for the specific requests of our customers. The first of these requests being SIMPLICITY of use. We have therefore sought to meet this need for simplicity by making the solution as accessible as possible. Permanently available in the cloud via a simple browser, ClicAndPublish gives its users the possibility of planning the distribution of their content (videos, photos, youtube lives or playlists, json or xml feeds, etc.).

The ClicAndPublish player does not « stream » the content but plays a local loop thus preserving the bandwidth; The « player » part of the solution can be installed directly in a Philips PRO TV, completely eliminating the need for a physical player (mini pc or mini android box) thus simplifying the solution; A screen that embeds ClicAndPublish will be more affordable, less energy-consuming and less time-consuming during its maintenance.

The monitors that we install are part of the « Philips commercial Display » range. Highly reliable (MTBF: 50,000 H), they allow you to automate operating ranges and build video walls for control rooms or digital menus.

It is through our publications here that we invite you to discover some of our success stories.